Doses of Hope’s microfinance programme

The purpose of Doses of Hope’s microfinance programme is to strengthen the economic base of the low-income self-employed through increasing their access to loans and savings services, in both the rural and urban areas. The programme offers different kinds of help; it combines cost-efficient methodologies with a very high level of customer service.

The first microfinance project (150 direct beneficiaries and 900 secondary beneficiaries) was financed by the Rabobank Foundation in 1999. By 2007, the microfinance program had reached over 7,000 direct clients, with a further positive socio-economic effect for more than 41,300 indirect beneficiaries – 80% of which are low-income women.

microfinance microfinance In 2008, in partnership with Oxfam Novib who provided financial support of EUR 150,000, Doses of Hope (DOH) began the transformation of the program into an independent microfinance institution. This is now a legal entity, registered in February 2009 by the Somaliland authorities as the Kaaba Micro Finance Institution (K-MFI).

K-MFI’s main goal is to provide financial services to low-income and poor entrepreneurs (particularly women) in Somaliland, to enable them to become self-reliant and serve as agents of change in their respective communities.

microkrediet microfinance Building on the success realized in the 2008-09 start-up phase, the current intermediate phase (2010-2012), also financed by Oxfam Novib, will focus on geographic and client expansion: setting up of four branches in rural and urban locations of Hargeisa and Gabiely districts, with an aim to increase the number of clients served from 1,559 (in 2009) to 5,000 in 2012.

K-MFI’s vision: ‘Aspire to be a financially self-sustaining MFI that empowers the low-income and vulnerable groups (particularly women) in Somaliland’

K-MFI's mission:
to provide demand-based financial services to the low-income and self-employed people of Somaliland, with the purpose of empowering the low-income and vulnerable groups (particularly women) to become agents of change through improved access to finance.

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The story of one Beneficiary

Amina Saleh is a woman living in Hargeisha, the capital. In 2000 she approached DoH as an individual. She was asked to form a group and she found five other would-be borrowers. Her idea was to start baking bread in a pit oven. She worked out a business plan and received $200 minus $20 for administrative costs. She used the money for ingredients, tools and also for the renting of space in a neighbour’s lock-up where she could store things. She baked bread each morning before it was light and then took it to the market to sell. Her profits have allowed her to repay the loan, build a proper oven, and provide work for her husband and two paid employees. She has built two more rooms on to her one-room hut. They were needed; she has five children. And now the children can go to school.


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